Saturday, February 03, 2007

Variations of Dearinger

The Dearinger DNA indicates a close relationship to this line.

Here are some examples of the variations that have ocurred in the spelling of this name: Duering, During, Dueringe, Dueringen, Duehring, Duhring, Döring, Doring, Doehring, Duehrig, Duerich, Doerich, Dieruich, Dieringer, Diericke, Dierecke, Doringk, Doeringk, Duhringer, Duringer, Doringer, Doeringer, and von Döering.

Doering is an ethnic name for someone from Thuringia (German Thüringen). The region is thus named because its former occupation by the Thuringii, a Germanic tribe. Von Doering is from a personal name based on cognate of turren "to dare".

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